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Measles Outbreak In Brooklyn, NY!

We used to think this would never be an issue in NYC...and here you have it:

state of emergency declared in Williamsburg, Brooklyn due to measles outbreak!

This post wasn't started to initate an anti-vax war..I am posting this due to legitimate concern for my family and friends living around this area in BK.

If you live around these areas of BK and have children, make sure you are aware of vaccination policies at your local schools and your pediatrician offices. These are the places where kids are most likely to get exposed from a child with the measles.

Be sure to:

1) Check in with your child's school or daycare about their vaccination policies

2) Check in with your pediatrician regarding their vaccination policies (some pediatricians will still take care of unvaccinated children with theres potential for exposure at your doctor's visit)

If they allow for unvaccinated children, you might want to consider your alternative options to keep your child safe, esp. if they are too young to be vaccinated.

With a young baby at home, this scares the crap out of me. I am trying to protect him from the flu and RSV right now, and I can't imagine having to add Measles to my list.

Be wise.

Be informed.

Keep your family healthy.

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