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Baked Lemon Garlic Flounder - perfect for heart and brain health!

Hi guys! I had such a crazy day today with work & an interview w Prevention magazine on thyroid disease! More on that next week!

Also a HUGE thank you to those who visited my new website & gave me feedback. I appreciate it so much.

I literally had no time to cook tonight (as usual) so here's dinner made in 30 mins w baked lemon garlic flounder. It might have been quick, but it still looks and tastes awesome!

I just paired this with some steamed broccoli for fiber & vitamin c! Its a heart healthy recipe to help lower your triglycerides & boost your immunity this terrible virus season!

If you saw my Instagram LIVE tonight, you saw how easy this is!

Another SHD recipe on a super busy Thursday: ✔️Simple with 4 ingredients ✔️Healthy w 120 cals in one fillet, flounder is a leaner fish so perfect for brain and heart health full of omega3s, yet lower total fat & cal ✔️Delicious - try it to believe it


1) Preheat oven to 400

2) Season both sides of the filets of flounder (or whichever fish you choose) with salt, pepper, garlic powder (you can use fresh minced garlic if you wish), red pepper (if you want spice) and lemon juice (roughly 1 teaspoon)

3) Bake on non-stick pan for 20-30 mins until light brown on the edges


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