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The best way to treat dehydration

It's the season for the stomach flu and this year its already hit 30% of the people around me... which means it's likely spreading fast 😷 Stomach flu is often mistaken for food poisoning because the symptoms are similar and may include the following: -diarrhea -loss of appetite -fatigue -nausea -vomiting -fevers -chills -abdominal pain/cramping -increased gas production Its hard to know the difference between food poisoning versus , treatment is the same with the 2 main goals: -Bowel rest (listen to your stomach and re-introduce simple foods slowly) -Hydration, Hydration, Hydration! -Wash your hands throughout the day One of the significant issues with the stomach flu is dehydration because when you have significant diarrhea you lose a ton of water & electrolytes (like Sodium & Potassium) through the stool. That's why it's important to keep hydrated with fluid that contains electrolytes. There's only a few readily available options for fluid with electrolytes -- sports drinks (like Gatorade or Powerade for example) OR a drink made for babies/kids called Pedialyte. Is there a difference? Yes! For me Pedialyte is the better option! Why do I like Pedialyte better? (this information is per 8 ounces or 1 cup) -Pedialyte has less sugar (14 grams in Pedialyte versus 6 grams in Gatorade) -Pedialyte has a lot more electrolytes per ounce: Sodium 240 mg in Pedialyte v/s 110 mg in Gatorade Potassium 180 mg in Pedialyte v/s 30 mg in Gatorade Chloride 290 mg in Pedialyte v/s 90 mg in Gatorade -Pedialtye has 1/2 the calories than Gatorade My only issue with both drinks is they have many artificial ingredients. We need to find a more natural options to liquid electrolyte repletion but until then, these 2 drinks are important to fight dehydration related to diarrhea and vomiting. Hope this helps you battle your stomach flu! For easy healthy recipes & wellness tips, follow me on Instragram or Twitter @Doctor_Deena! Please continue to email me your questions at **PLEASE REMEMBER IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS OR CONCERNS ABOUT YOUR HEALTH AND/OR BEFORE STARTING OR STOPPING ANY TREATMENT OR ACTING UPON INFORMATION CONTAINED ON THE SITE, YOU SHOULD CONTACT YOUR OWN PHYSICIAN OR HEALTH-CARE PROVIDER**

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